A stay in the medina would not be complete without a relaxing session in the hammam, a staple of daily life in Morocco. Bathed in a gentle heat, you will discover the benefits of natural Moroccan products – lavender or eucalyptus, natural clay or rose water.
Experience the thousand-year-old beauty rituals of the Moroccan Hammam.

Hammams :                        30 mns                 160 dhs
Lavender steam bath (without scrub)


Hammam El Bacha :           45 mn                  250 dhs
Traditional hammam scrub, soap beldi and Ghassoule at seven plants


Hammam Laaroussa :        45 mn                  300 dhs
Traditional hammam scrub, henna at rose water followed by beldi soap.
And to relax a ghassoule mask with the seven plants followed by eucalyptus oil.


Hammam ERRAHA :            50 mn                  380 dhs
Traditional scrub with Beldi soap scented with rose water and cloves followed by a lathering massage 10 minutes.