To help you discover the best of Moroccan cuisine, each of our riads  offers a variety of traditional menus.

Just take a look at the menu and your tastebuds will start to tingle!

But don’t forget to book in advance!

Moroccan cuisine takes pride in the best aromatic herbs and produce - fresh from the market!  It's distinct and succulent flavour is achieved by hours of diligent and devoted marinating.

Do you want to have a meal served on the day of your arrival?

If so, please make the request for lunch or dinner at the time of your initial reservation and state the menu desired and for how many people.

Do you want to have a meal during your stay?

Meals are prepared to order. So please request in advance, stating which menu and for how many people. The manager of the riad is at your disposal to help with your choice. 

Are you in a group?

If you are travelling as a group we are well equipped to cater to all your nutritional requirements and will organise all the necessary details.

Entries   50 dhs

-   Moroccan Salad set
-   Harira (bean soup)
-   Briouates (wraps)
-   Soup with vegetables
-   Omelettes with choice: vegetables or fine Herbs

Dish 1:  90 dhs

-   Berber Tajine (Vegetable)
-   Couscous with vegetables

Dish 2:  110 dhs

-   Tajine of Kefta (Beldi way)
-   Meal of Sardine

Dish 3:  130 dhs

-   Chicken Tajine (crystallized lemons and olive)
-   Skewers of chicken or meat marinated with lemon and spices
-   Couscous with chicken or beef & seven vegetables
-   Seffa with chicken, grapes and onions

Dish 4: 160 dhs

-   fish Pastilla and seafood
-   Chiken Pastilla
-   Tangia with pickeld lemon or olive
-   Cockerel flavored with saffron and herbs
-   Morosia with lamb, almond and ras el hanoute
-   Fish tajine (according to market)
-   Trid with chicken

-   Shoulder palletized stuffed (Minimum 5 people)

Dessert:   50 dhs

-   Orange salad with cinnamon
-   Variety of seasonal fruits